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Aug 22nd
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Tzu Chi continues relief efforts for Typhoon Fengshen survivors in the Philippines

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Months after Typhoon Fengshen struck the Philippines vast destruction still remains. This in large part is because survivors often can’t afford to rebuild their houses. Tzu Chi volunteers assessed the damage and needs in Lloilo Province to prepare the relief effort for each survivor. Each household received a card that recorded their information, the location and schedule of aid distribution and the bags of rice assigned for the household. On July 27, 2008, with the assistance of the local Chinese Business Council, Tzu Chi volunteers distributed aid and provided a free clinic for 1,810 households at the Balantang indoor gymnasium.

After the free clinic event, a doctor from Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) gave Mr. Proceso Jaro a ride home. The 67 year-old Mr. Jaro lived alone and was in poor financial status.

During the July 24th disaster assessment, Tzu Chi volunteers learned that Mr. Jaro’s house was swept away by raging water. With the donation of construction materials from a local Chinese merchant, Xiao Hongyu (who accompanied the Tzu Chi volunteers during the disaster assessment), a new house was built for Mr. Jaro. Local village leaders, neighbors and the Tzu Chi volunteers finished building the house for Mr. Jaro in just three days. This house was not only created from the love of many but is also the first Tzu Chi Great Love House in the Philippines.

Mr. Xiao Hongyu said that after spending the past few days with the Tzu Chi volunteers and participating in the aid distribution, he learned how to bring love and assistance to the public. Eight Chinese voluntary teachers from Lloilo Chinese School also participated in the distribution. They said that they thought only the rich could help people, but now have discovered that they can also help people just by taking action.

Source: Tzu Chi Almanac 2008
Translated by Eddie Chen, Stella Wang, and Ben Spink-McCarthy