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Aug 07th
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Sichuan Earthquake - Farewell to childhood

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Farewell to childhood
The earthquake toppled over 7,000 schools in Sichuan Province. In Shifang alone, 22 middle and elementary schools collapsed, burying close to a thousand teachers and students under rubble.

When the earthquake hit, the school bell at Hongbai Central Elementary School had just struck. The school had over 200 teachers and students, half of whom lost their lives to the disaster. Even for those students who survived, the earthquake cast a gloom over their childhood.

A pile of schoolbags that had lost their owners lay in forlorn silence in the playground.

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" Material objects were meant to be tools for us to use. Yet, lacking wisdom, we are perpetually discontent, and we thus become enslaved by material objects. "
Jing-Si Aphorism