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Aug 05th
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Goodbye with Gratitude and Sincere Piety - Heeding to our Nature’s call

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Goodbye with Gratitude and Sincere Piety
Million grains of rice make a bushel; million drops of water make a river
Heeding to our Nature’s call
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Heeding to our Nature’s call
During the afternoon session for Tzu Chi’s Chinese friends, donors and guests, Tzu Chi volunteers once more honoured Master Cheng Yen and the wisdom she bestowed upon them in helping Marikina stand up from its unfortunate condition.

Like in the first session, the audience was reminded by the Master in paying attention to the call of Mother Nature, who has been bringing disaster after disaster, through a short video clip of her talk.

"Nature is teaching us a lesson the hard way. Let us take the lessons by heart and be more vigilant,” the Master said.

In light of the most recent tragedy in Haiti, the Master’s call for everyone to love and cherish Mother Earth since our survival depends on it resounded in the gathering.

The volunteers also led the attendees to a prayer for peaceful and disaster-free world as they lighted up their candles and the lamps in their hearts as they made good vows for 2010.

One of those who made a vow of spreading the seeds of Tzu Chi’s love through her profession is Cherilyn Ngo, a Tzu Chi volunteer since 2003 and also a reporter for local newspaper, Philippine Chinese Daily.

Ngo shared her experience and enlightenment after she was able to go with 28 local media delegates in a tour to Tzu Chi’s headquarters in Taiwan last December 18-20, 2009.

"When I went to Taiwan, I learned a lot of things about Tzu Chi. I got to know more about the four Missions of the foundation, saw for myself the construction of the Great Love Village for the Morakot victims and most importantly, I saw Master Cheng Yen in person. I also witnessed how Tzu Chi volunteers show their love to other people. All of these greatly affected my work as a reporter and has moved me to spread news about Tzu Chi to the readers.”

Ngo added that her trip to Taiwan was more meaningful for her because aside from being a member of the local media, she is also a volunteer. Ngo has made a three-part story about the said tour in early January.

As a parting gift, Tzu Chi volunteers gave each attendee a bag of succulent apple and orange fruits symbolizing peace and goodness, respectively, together with a copy of the Tzu Chi Publication and one booklet of the Jing Si aphorisms from Master Cheng Yen to guide them on their daily lives as 2010 sets in.

"May each family be safe and each day peaceful. Best wishes to you all,” Master Cheng Yen uttered during her talk.

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" Be grateful to your parents and to all sentient beings, every day. In everything you do, never disappoint them. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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