Eco-Friendly Clothing Gets Quality Certification

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 14:24 Tzu Chi Foundation
The 13 textile products made by the Da Ai Technology Co., LTD have just received quality certification from a government agency that guarantees their safety and excellent.

The products are part of the foundation’s drive to preserve the environment. All are made from recycled materials; the polo shirts, for example, are made from plastic bottles and come in different colors. Green bottles make green shirts and colorless one make white ones. None have been dyed. In addition, there are aprons, scarves and capes.

In 2009, the Made-in-Taiwan (MIT) certification board has been established, to encourage the manufacture of quality products in Taiwan. Up to now, 280 companies have obtained MIT-certification for nearly 7,000 products. “When a product gets the MIT label, it means that it is made in Taiwan and has also passed the tests of quality and functionality,” said Lin Shufen, manager of the MIT label promotion office. For textiles to be approved, they have to be non-shrinking and non-fading, with dyes that are safe. They are also judged on how much they pill – the fabric forms little balls. “Textiles like clothes and undergarments come into direct contact with the human body, so the fabrics need to go through a basic safety test,” said Lin.

Applications for the MIT label are processed by institutions such as Taiwan’s Textile Federation and Industrial Technology Research Institute. The goods must be of good quality and manufactured in Taiwan. Next time you go shopping, look for the MIT label – a guarantee of safety and excellence.

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